ASEAN Academic Days. International Experience of Southeast Asia Studies

October 8th in the framework of the course of public lectures “ASEAN Academic Days at MGIMO” Dr. Anthony Milner delivered a lecture devoted to “What is Special about Southeast Asian Studies in Australia?” The course is designed and carried out by the ASEAN Centre.

Dr. Anthony Milner is a prominent historian whose research has been focused on history and political culture of Southeast Asia, and especially Malaysia. He serves as a professor at the Australian National University as well as a visiting professor at the University of Malay.


ASEAN Academic Days at MGMO

October 7th, ASEAN Academic Days, a new open course, started at MGIMO. A unique project is designed and carried out by the ASEAN Centre.

The fist lecture was given by Dr. Alan T.Ortiz, prominent expert from the Philippines, who served at public and business institutions, including San Miguel Corporation. He has a great experience in the sphere of international relations (Philippine Council for Foreign Affairs). Rector Anatoly Torkunov welcomed guest before the lecture.

The first lecture was opened by MGIMO’s Vice-Rector Artem Malgin who introduced the guest and presented to the students and professors the program of the ASEAN Academic Days. Dr. Alan Ortiz spoke about the global regime change and its impact on the Asia-Pacific as seen by the Philippines. The speaker also mentioned the ASEAN’s role in the region and the positions of the ASEAN-members regarding the Chinese rise and its Belt and Road Initiative.


ASEAN Academic Days, October 7-23, MGIMO University

Dear friends! The MGIMO University and the ASEAN Centre invites students and experts, officials and entrepreneurs, all those who are genuinely interested in Southeast Asian Studies and research on Russia-ASEAN relations to the ASEAN Academic Days at MGIMO University, October 7-23.

This event will bring together a group of prominent lecturers to present their views on the current dynamics and trends in political and economic development of Southeast Asia as a whole and of the individual ASEAN member-states. The objectives and prospects of the ASEAN-Russia strategic partnership will be discussed too.

The series of open lectures will take place at the New Building. The most active attendances will receive commemorative certificates for the participation in the ASEAN Academic Days.


Indonesia’s Special Presidential Envoy for Interfaith Dialogue and Civilization Affairs at MGIMO

September 3rd, Indonesia’s Special Presidential Envoy for Interfaith Dialogue and Civilization Affairs Prof. Syafiq Mughni accompanied by the representatives from the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow paid a visit to MGIMO.

The Rector welcomed guests and shared MGIMO’s experience in academic cooperation with the ASEAN countries. Both sides discussed education opportunities for Indonesian students at MGIMO. The meeting was as well attended by MGIMO Vice-Rector Artem Malgin, the ASEAN Centre’s Director Victor Sumsky and the Sanctions Policy Expertise Center’s Director Ekaterina Arapova.


ASEAN Kid’s Summit at the All-Russian Children’s Center “Ocean”

August 1st-3rd, under the programme “Children of the World” at the All-Russian Children’s Center “Ocean” in Vladivostok the ASEAN Kids Summit was held. It was prepared and organized by the ASEAN Centre’s members, namely Valeria Vershinina, Analyst, Maria Mamaeva, Senior Expert, and Daria Borisova, Master student at the programmer “Area Studies”.

Children from three ASEAN member-counties – Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam participated in the event. Russian side was presented by children from the educational programme “Young Diplomats” under the Association of Russian Diplomats.



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