About Russia–ASEAN Youth Summit

The idea of a Russia–ASEAN Youth Summit was put forward at the seminar on “Russia and ASEAN: Towards a Progressive and Comprehensive Partnership” organised in December 2012 at the ASEAN Centre in MGIMO-University. This initiative has been supported by the Russian Foreign Ministry and the ASEAN Moscow Committee.

Such a forum will open new opportunities for networking, exchanges of opinions about the state of Russia – ASEAN relations and prospects for their future development. It will contribute to the development of people-to-people links in accordance with the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity.

The summit is organized by the ASEAN Centre in MGIMO in cooperation with RIA Novosti Media Holding, a major provider of informational support to the event. The Russia–ASEAN Business Council and the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) are partners in this project.

The ASEAN Moscow Committee will offer assistance in terms of selecting the summit participants and inviting foreign guests (for instance, journalists and businessmen from ASEAN countries), and will support the event in other ways.

Logo and Motto

The proposed logo for the summit is a graphic image of Russian matryoshka doll “dressed” in ASEAN blue and holding the Association’s Emblem that depicts ten yellow stalks of padi on a red circular shield.

The proposed motto for the summit is
“Young Russia – Young ASEAN:
Dialogue for Connectivity”

Time and Venue

The summit will take place in Moscow over two days, May 13 and 14, 2013. On day one it will be hosted by MGIMO-University (76, Prospekt Vernadskogo, Moscow 119454, http://www/mgimo.ru/). On day two the host will be RIA Novosti (4, Zubovskiy Boulevard, Moscow 119021, http://ria.ru/).

Participants and Guests

The participants in the summit will be Russian students who study languages, culture, history and current developments in ASEAN countries, as well as students from ASEAN countries who receive their education in Russia. Participation of young professionals – diplomats, businessmen, journalists, academics who already have some practical experience – is also expected. Each of the ten ASEAN nations will be represented by a team of 5 to 7 members. As the country hosting the summit Russia will have a team of 50 members.

Among those invited to the summit will be Russian officials and public figures, diplomats, academics, representatives of the press and ASEAN expatriates in Russia. A number of high-level ASEAN guests are also expected to take part in the forum. The total number of those attending the summit will be up to 150 persons.

The ASEAN Centre plans to finish the selection of the participants by the middle of April.

Organizational Matters

The working language of the summit is English. Major activities will take the form of individual and group Power Point presentations, panel discussions, informational statements, informal exchanges of opinions and dialogues with guests. Another possibility is a teleconference with the ASEAN Secretary General or one of his deputies on the second day of the summit.


Information about the summit and its program will be regularly updated on the ASEAN Centre’s web site and its Facebook page. Printed materials that will help the participants to prepare themselves for the summit are available at the ASEAN Centre’s library.

Prior to the summit a photography competition with the theme “Russia as seen by students from ASEAN countries / ASEAN countries as seen by Russian students” will be organized (with results to be announced during the summit and the winners receiving awards). In late March or early April there will be a seminar at the ASEAN Centre on the theme of the summit. On this occasion the members of national teams will be joined by high-level diplomats representing Russia and ASEAN.


The main points of discussion at the summit and suggestions raised by the participants will be presented in a report prepared by the ASEAN Centre experts after the event. Among the expected practical results of the summit is the formation of the ASEAN Students’ Network in Russia.

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