Russia and Thailand: towards greater people-to-people connectivity through tourism cooperation

Senior Expert of ASEAN Centre Dr.Ekaterina Koldunova talks to Dr. Anada Pruettiangkura (Shall Travel) about how the innovative tourism services can bring Thailand and Russia closer together.

Dr. Pruettiangkura, could you, please, tell us a couple of words about your concept of tourism service?

We’re developing 2 solutions for individual travelers and locals. The first one is, an Online Booking Platform for Activities & Lifestyle Experience, and, a smart trip planner tool covering all services from accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, lifestyle. Both solutions are mobile and PC-friendly.


Russia ASEAN Youth Association Announcement

The 4th ASEAN-Russia Youth Summit that was being held on October 24-27, 2016 in Siem Reap Cambodia has resulted in some fresh ideas towards the summit. The ideas mainly focus on how the youth of ASEAN countries and Russia should be able to gain more information and source of knowledge about each other countries. The ideas were important to strengthen the relation among ASEAN and Russian youth which in further can create more contributions from the youth within regions toward the world.

On the 4th summit, there was a realization that up to since then, the alumni still did not have a platform as a place where they can still communicate productively and implement their ideas together after the summit. Starting from that realization, the summit resulted an initiative to create a platform for all alumni of the past until the latest ASEAN – Russia Youth Summits, where the alumni can productively communicate, gather, do projects and implement their ideas together, as their contribution towards the efforts to strengthen relations of ASEAN and Russian youth.


The best of ASEAN Centre in 2010-2016

ASEAN Centre has published a brochure summarizing its activities in 2010-2016.

The brochure presents detailed information concerning all directions of the Centre’s activities, including track two dialogue on security and political issues of ASEAN-Russia cooperation, Centre’s support for growing economic contacts between Russia and ASEAN member states and enhanced people-to-people contacts in the sphere of education, culture and arts.



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