Public Lecture by Dr. Ksenia Efremova “The Peacock is Ready to Fly Up: Myanmar as Seen by a Country-expert”

On March 18th, Associate Professor of the Department of Asian and African Studies, Research Fellow of the Centre for Comprehensive Chinese Studies and Regional Projects at MGIMO University Dr. Ksenia Efremova gave a lecture on the current socio-political situation in Myanmar.

Dr. Ksenia Efremova briefly described the main outcomes of her recent research visit to Myanmar, where she gave a lecture on “Russia’s Turn to the East: Implications for Myanmar and Southeast Asia” at the Myanmar Institute for Strategic and International Studies (MISIS).


Her presentation illustrated Myanmar historical and cultural traditions, key historic events of the independent Myanmar and its prominent public and political figures. Dr. Ksenia Efremova covered the history of Buddhism in Myanmar, and its interference with animist cults and pre-Buddhist religious beliefs, as well as the specific features of the inter-faith dialogue in Myanmar and their impact on the country’s domestic politics.

The lecture concluded with Q&A session and a discussion on such topics as the process of democratization and the role of army in Myanmar, teaching Myanmar language in Russia, Russia-Myanmar relations and its prospects in the economic sphere.

Among the attendees were First Secretary Mr. Ye Myat Soe and Second Secretary Mr. Oo Nyunt Maung from the Embassy of Myanmar in Moscow, Myanmar students studying in Russian universities, professors and students from MSU, HSE and RUDN. 

The lecture was followed by a fruitful discussion on possible future directions of Russia-Myanmar cooperation among Dr. Ksenia Efremova, the ASEAN Centre’s Director Dr. Victor Sumsky and representatives from the Myanmar Embassy.

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