Oleg Kopylov

Born 1978.

2000 - graduated from MGIMO University, 2001 - graduated from the Institite of Management under the Russian Academy of Sciences.

2000 - onwards - on diplomatic service. Has held various posts within the Russian MFA Headquarters and overseas.

Since 2009 - Counsellor - Head of Policy Departments of the Russian Embassy in Indonesia / Office of the Permanent Representative  of the Russian Federation to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Co-Chair of the ASEAN-Russia Joint Planning and Management Committee.

Mr.Oleg Kopylov is a contributor to a number of Russian and international academic, policy and economics periodicals.

Contributor to the ongoing Project of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Southeast Asia - Issues of Development (Project Executive - Professor Nikolay P. Maletin).

Co-sponsor, Reference Book/Catalogue "Asia Pacific: Regional Issues, Multilateral Organizations, Economic Groupings" (Moscow, 2010).

Policy Advisor, Russia-ASEAN Business Council (pro bono publico).

The scope of Mr.Kopylov's professional interest includes the Asia Pacific integration.

Vyacheslav Urlyapov


Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania (Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences).

A graduate of MGIMO, Vyacheslav Urlyapov worked at the Soviet Ministry of Foreign Affairs, served as a diplomat at the USSR/Russian Embassies in Indonesia and Malaysia. In 1982 he obtained his Ph.D. from the Institute of Oriental Studies, USSR Academy of Sciences. Among his Russian-language publications is a monograph Indonesia and International Relationsin the Asia Pacific Region (1983). He is also a co-author of East Timor: A Thorny Path Towards Independence (2005) and Vietnam and contemporary international relations in Asia Pacific (2009). Dr. Urlyapov has produced scores of academic articles and essays on international relations in the Asia Pacific region, as well as public comments and journalistic pieces for a number of Russian newspapers and news agencies (including ITAR-TASS and RIA Novosti). Lecturing at MGIMO and the Oriental University of Moscow had been one more part of his professional activities.

Natalia Rogozhina

Graduated from The Institute of Asian and African Studies (ISAA), Moscow State University (1976). PhD (political sciences) from ISAA in 1980 ("Forming and Socio-economic Structure of Thailand's Intelligencia"). For more than 30 years has been working in the system of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) – first at the Institute of Oriental Studies, since 1990 – at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations as a lead researcher. The author of more than 100 research works, including seven monographs, a handbook plus numerous articles and reports. Main spheres of professional interest – environmental politics of developing countries, global environmental problems, socio-political development of Southeast Asian countries, regional and international environmental cooperation. Language fluency: English, Thai. For 20 years has been lecturing on Regional Ecopolitology at major higher education institutions of Moscow – Moscow State University (Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Political Science, the Institute of Asian and African Studies), the International Independent Ecopolitological University (MNEPU), the Institute of Practical Oriental Studies. Spoke at a number of international conferences, took part in meetings of environmental NGOs.

Main Publications

  • Intelligentsia of Thailand. – Moscow: "Nauka" – 1983.
  • Nationalist problem in Thailand. – Moscow, "Nauka" –1985.
  • Environmental security: the lessons of developing countries. –Moscow: IMEMO – 1993.
  • The role of environmental movement in providing environmental security of Southeast Asian countries. – Moscow: IMEMO. –2002
  • The role of state in environmental modernization of Southeast Asian countries. – Moscow: IMEMO – 2004.
  • Environmental strategy of Southeast Asian countries (socio-political aspects.Moscow: IMEMO – 2010.
  • South-West and South East Asia: the problems of water resources (socio-economic and eco-political aspects (in co-authorship with A.O.Philonic).– Moscow: Institute of Middle East studies. – 1996.
  • Regional ecopolitology (manual)– М.: MNEPU. – 1999


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Alexander Rogozhin

Graduated from Oriental Faculty of the St.-Petersburg University in 1965. PhD. (International Economics) from The Institute of Oriental Studies (IOS), Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) in 1978 ("Foreign Economic Policy of Indonesia"). Speaks Indonesian and English, both fluently.

Main areas of research interests are economic problems of East Asia (especially Southeast Asia) countries, their foreign economic policy and diplomacy, as well as economic integration trends in East Asia. The author of six monographs, dozens of articles in scientific editions, as well as of a great number of analytical reports and forecasts prepared for Soviet/Russian governmental and private institutions (including the Security Council of the Russian Federation).

Since 1967 worked at first line divisions of the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the USSR, in 1968-1987 – at the Department of Southeast Asia of Market Research Institute of the Ministry. In 1970-1973 – a special correspondent at The USSR Trade Representation in Indonesia. In 1988-1994 – Head of Economy Section at the Department of Southeast Asia, Institute of Oriental Studies (RAS). Since 1994 – Head of Socio-Economic Division at the Centre of Problems of Development and Modernization (Institute of World Economy and International Relations, RAS).

Since 2001 – Нead of Infotainment and Analytical Group at Private Secretariat of Alisher Usmanov.

In the past served as expert at the Soviet National Committee on Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and the Russian National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation (Trade Policy Group). Provides advice to the Russian APEC Study Center, as well as core Departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. Research consultant at a number of private Russian companies. Has lectured abroad and taken part in joint research projects in Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan (in 1993 – a visiting research fellow at Keio University).

Member of the EuroSEAS and Nusantara Society, Chairman of Auditing Committee, Russia-Indonesia Friendship Society. Editorial staff member of "Southeast Asia: Focal Problems of Development" Yearbook.

Cooperates with domestic and foreign mass-media – "Voice of Russia ", "Echo of Moscow" and BBC, "RBC" TV channel, "Warta Ekonomi " (Djakarta), "Goudok", etc. Conducts column "Small and Medium Business in East Asia" in "Business Moscow".

Taught Indonesian and Malagasy languages at Oriental Faculty at the St.-Petersburg University (1964-1967). In 1991-2005 – professor of World Economy Chair at The Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), where read lectures on the economy of Southeast Asian countries, a well as on integration processes in SEA.


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Victor Pogadaev

Life Is Long When It Is Full: About Dictionaries, Translations and Other Works by Victor Pogadaev // International Affairs journal, Russia–ASEAN Special Issue, October 2010.

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