Somphospheak Heng. ASEAN Communities and Russia-ASEAN Cooperation

The ASEAN Centre starts to publish the essays of the Essay Competition winners and shortlisted participants. The first in the series of these essays is written by Ms. Somphospheak Heng from Cambodia.

The year 2015, the 48th ASEAN Anniversary, is the materialization of greater regional integration as it marks the historic move of Southeast Asian transformation, the soon-to-be inception of ASEAN Community. At the same time, this year is also the nineteenth anniversary of the establishment of ASEAN-Russia Dialogue Partnership.


V.Sumsky. Can the East Asia Summit Continue to Prop up ASEAN Centrality?

The “ASEAN Focus”, a bimonthly publication of Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (Singapore), has published an article by ASEAN Centre’s Director Dr. Victor Sumsky about the East Asian Summit and ASEAN Centrality.


E.Koldunova. Asia-Pacific: Moscow switches its focus to Southeast Asia

Over the last week, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has attended two key summits in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as visiting Cambodia. Yet while the media’s attention was focused on the APEC meeting in Manila on Nov. 18–19, Russian observers say that the significance of Medvedev’s appearance at the East Asia Summit in Kuala Lumpur should not be overlooked.

Could Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s extensive tour of Asia convince skeptics that Russia’s «pivot to Asia» has substance apart from style? The recent flurry of diplomatic efforts showed that while Russia is still dragging its feet, Putin’s team still has real hopes of jumping on the bandwagon, but has become more selective in its approach.


E.Koldunova. Russia’s Far East: Catching Up With Asian Dragons

Russia’s port of Vladivostok has hosted the Eastern Economic Forum to provide leading businessmen from Asia-Pacific countries with an action plan to explore Russia’s Far East as the new lucrative market.

The ongoing sanction war with the West is forcing Russia to double her efforts to prove that her much-spoken «pivot to Asia» policy is no more just a slogan or subject for political pundit’s endless debate but a blueprint and roadmap for the captains of the businesses of the Asia-Pacific region.


E.Koldunova. Will ASEAN Countries Opt for Yuan Instead of Dollars?

Indonesia has proposed the use of the Chinese yuan in trade and investments among the members of the Association of  South-East Asian Nations. This was announced by the country’s trade minister Thomas Lembong in the lower house of the parliament

"All ASEAN countries mostly use the US dollar in international payments. However, the cost of imports and services is increasing against the background of the rise in the US currency. This prompts experts to suggest the use of the yuan.



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