E.Koldunova. Russia’s Far East: Catching Up With Asian Dragons

Russia’s port of Vladivostok has hosted the Eastern Economic Forum to provide leading businessmen from Asia-Pacific countries with an action plan to explore Russia’s Far East as the new lucrative market.

The ongoing sanction war with the West is forcing Russia to double her efforts to prove that her much-spoken «pivot to Asia» policy is no more just a slogan or subject for political pundit’s endless debate but a blueprint and roadmap for the captains of the businesses of the Asia-Pacific region.


E.Koldunova. Will ASEAN Countries Opt for Yuan Instead of Dollars?

Indonesia has proposed the use of the Chinese yuan in trade and investments among the members of the Association of  South-East Asian Nations. This was announced by the country’s trade minister Thomas Lembong in the lower house of the parliament

"All ASEAN countries mostly use the US dollar in international payments. However, the cost of imports and services is increasing against the background of the rise in the US currency. This prompts experts to suggest the use of the yuan.


V.Sumsky. All Quiet in Kuala Lumpur: Russia–ASEAN Talks

The annual conference of ASEAN foreign ministers is much more than just a meeting of the foreign policy chiefs of ten Southeast Asian countries. The event traditionally kicks off official dialogue between colleagues who speak on behalf of the Association’s Dialogue Partners (Australia, India, Canada, China, New Zealand, South Korea, Russia, the United States, Japan and the European Union) and is followed by a meeting of 18 foreign ministers in the East Asia Summit format and a session of the ASEAN Regional Security Forum (27 participants). Bilateral contacts are also developed on the fringes of these multilateral events.


Medvedev’s Trip Reboots Thai-Russia Strategic Partnership

ASEAN Centre presents Kavi Chongkittavorn's new article about Russia-Thailand relations.

In 1897, when Siam faced imminent danger from the great colonizing powers of Great Britain and France, King Chulalongkorn went to Russia for diplomatic support to ward off the foreign predators. Since then the balance of power strategy preserved the country's independence and liberty over the past century.


Nyan Lin Htet. Strengthening Russia-Myanmar Cooperation in Education

A Comprehensive conference designated to facilitate the bilateral educational cooperation between the Russian Federation and ASEAN countries was held at Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics, and Informatics on 4th of February. Representatives from ASEAN countries’ and Russian universities participated actively in the conference which was aimed at determining concrete measures to accelerate the entry of the educational contracts containing a special mechanism to promote the relationship between two regions. The success of the conference was reflected to the fact that the countries from ASEAN organization have now signed the agreements on student exchange programs to cooperate with the Russian Federation. Apart from the cooperation between two regions, an internship student representing ASEAN Center at MGIMO University made a brief overview of the long-lasting and fast-developing Russia-Myanmar relations, which are marked with cooperation and correspond to the strategic interests of the states.



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