V.Sumsky: An Ocean Not So Pacific

Russia, which harbors plans to exploit the economic potential of Siberia and its Far East in close cooperation with its Asian neighbors, has something to mull over.

An important aspect of the rivalry between the U.S. and China, which is taking on increasing significance in East Asia, is the potential for naval confrontation. The face-off is already on the agenda of many international conferences and seminars, and is a topic of parliamentary debate and media discussion. All too often, the impression created is that «China is to blame for everything." The data point to the methodical build-up of its surface and submarine fleet, the coastline deployment of precision anti-ship missiles, and the creation of enhanced tools to track maritime targets and disable enemy command-and-control systems. According to U.S. experts, the main objective is to «deny access» to the U. S. Navy in various regions of the Pacific Ocean.



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