June 2012

Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) has published a report entitled “Russia’s Interests in the Asia Pacific Region: Security and Development: Summarizing the First Asia Pacific Forum”. The report has been co-authored by Dr. Victor Sumsky, the ASEAN Centre Director, and two experts of the Centre, Dr. Ekaterina Koldunova and Dr. Evgeny Kanaev.


May 2012

A collection of essays and articles entitled “ASEAN-Russia: Foundations and Future Prospects” has been published in Singapore. The volume dedicated to the 15th anniversary of ASEAN-Russia dialogue partnership is a joint project of the Institute for Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS, Singapore) and MGIMO’s ASEAN Centre.


March 2012

Security Index, the international edition of the PIR-Center’s journal has published the materials of the round table discussion “A Changing Myanmar: What It Means for the Region, for China, and for Russia”. This event was jointly organized by the PIR-Center and ASEAN Centre.


October-November 2011

The Moscow Bureau of Creative Expeditions led by Vladimir Anisimov has organized a 3-week visit to the Philippines by a group of distinguished Russian artists. Their objective is to produce paintings and drawings depicting this country and its people for a series of exhibitions dedicated to the Philippines. More expeditions to other ASEAN Countries are planned along the same lines. The concept of the project has been offered by the ASEAN Centre (which is also providing expert advice to the Bureau). First exhibitions should be organized in the Philippines in the summer of 2012.
- To the Islands of Sampaguita
- Sampaguita (Orden, January 2012)
- Sampaguita (Orden, April 2012)


October 2010

The issue of the International Affairs journal published on the eve of the 2nd Russia-ASEAN Summit carries a set of articles dedicated to this event and written by the ASEAN Centre experts.


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