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Kanaev Evgeny

Kanaev Evgeny

Evgeny Kanaev holds a Doctorate in History. He is a Leading Researcher at the Centre for Asia-Pacific Studies, Institute of World Economy and International Relations, and a Professor at the Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia). He closely follows current political and economic trends in individual countries of Southeast Asia, as well as multilateral cooperation among the ASEAN states, ASEAN’s relations with dialogue partners and the Southeast Asian vector of Russia’s foreign policy. Among his

recent publications are: “Russia’s Policy towards the Countries of Southeast Asia and ASEAN: Positive Developments, but an Uncertain Future”, Russian Analytical Digest (Bremen-Zurich), no. 76/10 (2010); “Southeast Asia in Russia’s Foreign Policy under D. Medvedev: An Interim Assessment”, Eurasian

Review, no. 3 (2010); “The Driver’s Seat Phenomenon”, International Affairs, special issue (2010). His individual monograph entitled “Conflict over the South China Sea Islands: The Retrospect, Contours of Solution and Future Prospects” was published in Moscow in 2007 (in Russian).