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Kopylov Oleg

Kopylov Oleg

Born 1978.

2000 - graduated from MGIMO University, 2001 - graduated from the Institite of Management under the Russian Academy of Sciences.

2000 - onwards - on diplomatic service. Has held various posts within the Russian MFA Headquarters and overseas.

Since 2009 - Counsellor - Head of Policy Departments of the Russian Embassy in Indonesia / Office of the Permanent Representative  of the Russian Federation to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Co-Chair of the ASEAN-Russia Joint Planning and Management Committee.

Mr.Oleg Kopylov is a contributor to a number of Russian and international academic, policy and economics periodicals.

Contributor to the ongoing Project of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Southeast Asia - Issues of Development (Project Executive - Professor Nikolay P. Maletin).

Co-sponsor, Reference Book/Catalogue "Asia Pacific: Regional Issues, Multilateral Organizations, Economic Groupings" (Moscow, 2010).

Policy Advisor, Russia-ASEAN Business Council (pro bono publico).

The scope of Mr.Kopylov"s professional interest includes the Asia Pacific integration.