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“Cambodia: An Exiting Journey”, A Photo Exhibition at MGIMO

“Cambodia: An Exiting Journey”, A Photo Exhibition at MGIMO


“Cambodia: An Exiting Journey” is a photo exhibition by Sergey Kovalchuk. His pictures, displayed on the 3rd floor of the MGIMO Atrium on the initiative of the ASEAN Centre until the end of June, are a magnificent representation of the country’s natural beauty, its remarkable historical monuments and the character of its people.

In the era of globalization with its standardizing impact on human communities this sensitive artist tries to grasp the elements of local uniqueness and historical heritage that are still there.

Sergey’s numerous trips to Southeast Asia have been depicted in two albums of photographs – “A Window into Indochina” (2009) and “Exotic Southeast Asia” (2010), both produced by Vokrug Sveta (Around the World) Publishers.

The works presented now at MGIMO come from a bigger collection dedicated to Asia and initially displayed in November 2010 at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall of Moscow.