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Introducing... Aaron Chee

Introducing... Aaron Chee


When last summer Aaron Chee, a Singaporean who was studying in England, visited Moscow for the first time, he was utterly fascinated by the sights, sounds and idiosyncracies of life in the capital of Russia. He resolved to come back, and therefore opted to pursue his graduate studies at MGIMO.

Earlier this year Aaron successfully completed his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management at the University of Oxford (UK). Since September he is a Master’s student at MGIMO on the “Politics and Economics in Eurasia” programme.

Already being able to communicate in Russian, Aaron hopes to improve his command of the language, learn more about the history and politics of Russia and Eurasia, and forge friendships with fellow students from Russia and the rest of the world.

Aaron can be reached at

ASEAN Centre

2012-09-25 Chee1

Aaron (right) with Maria Gladina, the Office Manager at the ASEAN Centre,
and fellow Singaporean Yoong Ren Yan,
the Centre"s intern until the end of September

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