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Just Published in Singapore: “ASEAN-Russia: Foundations and Future Prospects”

Just Published in Singapore: “ASEAN-Russia: Foundations and Future Prospects”


“ASEAN-Russia: Foundations and Future Prospects” — this volume is based on the papers presented at the conference jointly organized by ASEAN Studies Centre of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS, Singapore) and MGIMO. Being dedicated to the 15th anniversary of Russia-ASEAN dialogue partnership, the book offers a comprehensive analysis of their cooperation and outlines its future directions.

Among the contributors on both the Russian and the ASEAN side are diplomats, academics, businessmen and civil society representatives. They cover the subjects from geopolitics and regional issues to Russia’s bilateral relations, economic, cultural and educational interactions with individual ASEAN members.

Geographically and historically Russia belongs to Asia-Pacific. This year it hosts the APEC Summit. Participation in the East Asian Summit (EAS) and Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) provides Russia’s with more opportunities to play a constructive role in the region.

Since 1996 Russia has been the dialogue partner of ASEAN. However, until today the distances separating the partners, as well as linguistic barriers create problems in terms of getting reliable information about each other and establishing sustainable links. As centres of growth in the global economy, Russia and ASEAN are capable of developing a truly fruitful, mutually beneficial relationship.

Editors: Victor Sumsky, Mark Hong, Amy Lugg.
Pub Date: 2012. Soft cover ISBN: 978-981-4379-57-1
Publisher: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. No. of pages: 376