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“Never Forget Indonesia!”

“Never Forget Indonesia!”


A delegation of Indonesian public figures and journalists headed by Mr. Putut Prabantoro, Chairman of the Ecayastra Unmada Movement (The Spirit of the United Nation), visited the ASEAN Centre on June 18.

Among the delegation’s members were leaders of several youth organizations (including the influential HMI, standing for the Association of the Muslim Students of Indonesia). They were joined by the editors and correspondents of some major dailies – namely, “Kompas”, “Media Indonesia”, “Suara Pembaruan”, “Tribune” and “Business Indonesia”.

The guests were received by the ASEAN Centre Director Victor Sumsky, Professor Sergei Savchenkov who has been teaching Bahasa Indonesia at MGIMO for decades, and his MA student, Ms Galina Beltyukova.

After a number of questions and answers about the history of MGIMO and the activities of its ASEAN Centre the Indonesians and the Russians turned to East Asian security issues. They also discussed the national interests of their respective countries and the prospects of their cooperation against the background of recent trends in Southeast Asia and the world.

By the end of the meeting the ASEAN Centre’s library received a new entry – a collection of essays entitled “From Moscow with Love” (Segenggam Cinta dari Moskwa, Jakarta, 2012). The author is no other than Mr. Adji Surya, Culture Counsellor of the Indonesian Embassy who accompanied the delegation. Characteristically, this is not the first time Mr.Surya, a professional journalist who switched to diplomacy a while ago, shares his impressions of Russia with his countrymen by publishing a book.

Another printed work that attracted everybody’s attention was “Russia’s Revival” (Bangkitnya Rusia, Jakarta, 2008). One might say that, standing on the library shelf in the Centre for a couple of years, this book was patiently waiting for its author, Mr. Simon Saragih who is working for “Kompas”, to finally show up and inscribe on the title-page: “Never forget Indonesia!”