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Brunei Day in MGIMO

Brunei Day in MGIMO


Brunei Day was held on 30 September in MGIMO. The participants of this event had the opportunity to interact with the Ambassador of Brunei Darussalam to Russia, H.E. Haini Hashim, take in the sights of Brunei through a photo exhibition, and learn more about this unique country in general.

The event began with an unofficial meeting between the Ambassador and students, who were studying Indonesian and Malay as foreign languages, in the ASEAN Centre. They talked about how their knowledge of these languages provided ample opportunities for studying the region, and understanding current regional developments.

The official programme for Brunei Day was opened by Vice-Rector for International Cooperation and Public Relations Andrei Silantiev. Director of the ASEAN Centre VictorSumsky introduced the guests and gave the floor to the Bruneian Ambassador. H.E. Haini Hashim spoke about Brunei"s chairmanship of ASEAN this year, and the priorities that Brunei has proposed for its work with fellow ASEAN members and ASEAN"s dialogue partners. These include: in establishing the ASEAN Political-Security Community, dialogue on the South China Sea, which would take ASEAN closer to the creation of a code of conduct in that part of the region, cooperation on military medicine, and cooperation with UN organs; in setting up the ASEAN Economic Community, the reduction of the cost of doing business in ASEAN countries, the intensification of internal and external trade in ASEAN, and negotiations on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership; and in establishing the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community, the development of a culture of tolerance, active cooperation with the United Nations Alliance of Civilisations and with the Global Movement of Moderates initiated by Malaysia.

The Executive Director of the Russia-ASEAN Business Council Victor Tarusin spoke about Russian business projects that were presented in Brunei this summer. The issue of bridging the information gap between Russia and Brunei and ASEAN was discussed in a speech by the editor of the information project Russia Direct, Ekaterina Zabrovskaya, who was herself in Brunei this summer for a meeting for representatives of media organisations from the region. In the final part of the event, an initiative to establish a Brunei-Russia Friendship Society was presented. Thereafter, travel photographer Sergei Kovalchuk spoke about his impressions from his trip to Brunei, and invited all participants to view his photo exhibition "Brunei Darussalam: The Abode of Peace", which was presented in the atrium of the MGIMO New Building.

Throughout the day, participants also had the chance to view an exhibition of books on Brunei and a film about Brunei in the ASEAN Centre.

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