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Introducing the Youth Summit Participants

Introducing the Youth Summit Participants


Alina Butchenko

I would like to say a huge thank to the ASEAN Centre in MGIMO-University for the opportunity to participate in the Second ASEAN-Russia Youth Summit, to become engaged in the constructive dialogue and directly learn the position of the new generation on addressing the socio-economic problems.

I study at the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs in NRU-HSE, specialization "Economics." The interest in ASEAN has appeared relatively recently. In my decision to choose this region to study at the University I was greatly influenced by Lee Kuan Yew"s book "The Singapore Story: From the Third World to the First". In addition, I work in a UniCredit bank in the Department of Trade Finance. I take a proactive stance, I used to go in for synchronized swimming professionally, and if I have free time I take part in the work of the charity fund of the University.

Valeria Dubravina

I am a fourth year student majoring in International Relation and Southeast Asian Studies and learning Indonesian language at MGIMO-University. This July I had an internship at the Southeast Asian division of the Third Department of Asia of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I am interested in everything that has to do with the Malay world, specifically, its culture, history and politics. I believe that international youth events contribute a lot to forging prosperous relations between nations.

Roman Feinschmidt

National Research University Higher Scholl of Economics student. Roman was born in 1994 in Lyubertsy, Moscow region. Sincechildhoodhehas showed a deep interest in studying Geography and Regional Studies, and since high school he has also been keen on the historical and social disciplines. In 2012 he graduated from a lyceum and enrolled in the National Research University Higher School of Economics to study the International Relations, focusing onthe region of Southeast Asia in the framework of his specialization.

Alexandra Ishchenko

My name is Ishchenko Alexandra. I am a second year student at the Institute of Asian and African Studies of Moscow State University. My specialization is the economy of Malaysia. At my free time I study foreign languages: English, Malaysian and Spanish. Before I studied French, Japanese and Chinese. Moreover, I fluently speak Ukrainian. I am fond of oriental art. I like pictorial art, music, theatre and national dances of nations of South and Southeast Asia.

Yulia Kovaleva

I received a bachelor"s degree in International Relations at MGIMO University. Now I am getting my master"s in regional studies specializing in regional economies of the world. I study Thai, Lao and English languages. I participated in an exchange program at Thammasat University, Thai Studies. Interested in the history, culture and demography of the countries of South-East Asia, especially of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

Hobby: cinema, music, traveling, art exhibitions.

Karina Kudakaeva

Karina Kudakaeva is a postgraduate student at MGIMO University, Moscow, specializing in World Regional Studies, Politics and economics of the world regions. She speaks English, Indonesian and Malay. She is interested in Asian values, Islam in ASEAN countries, business in ASEAN, history of Malay region (Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore), Russia-ASEAN relations, ASEAN integration. She joined several internship programs: Youth ambassadors of friendship Russia-Indonesia (2010), AIESEC volunteer internship in Surabaya, Indonesia (2011), student exchange program at University Malaya (2013).

“I am convinced that the strengthening cooperation between Russia and ASEAN will encourage mutual cultural and economic development of both ASEAN and Russia. I hope that the Second Youth Summit ASEAN-Russia in Kuala-Lumpur will become one of the milestones of a new tradition of ASEAN-Russia Youth Summits and will contribute a lot into the development of cooperation between our countries, since the summit will meet students, young researchers as well as experts, who are interested in it”.

Pavel Naydenov

I’m Pavel Naydenov of eighteen years old. I live in Moscow. In 2013 I graduated from the school №1215 with the intensive studying of foreign language, named after Romain Rolland, where I studied two foreign languages: English (from the first form) and French (from the fifth one). Having finished this school, I entered the Moscow State University , the Institute of Asian and African Studies faculty, where I started learning Malay (Malaysian) language.

At present I’m the second year student of the mentioned above Institute. The forthcoming visit to Malaysia will be the third one for me. Besides Kuala Lumpur I happened to visit Penang and Pangkor islands.

Valeria Nikolayuk

I’m a student of Moscow State University of International relation. I major in International business and trade in School of applied economics and commerce. As a child I fell in love with the culture and history of Southeast Asia.

I was a volunteer of Medical commission of the International Olympic Committee during the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games.  I still keen on volunteering, I often volunteer on international golf competitions. Recently got a the third category of a judge.

This summer I participated in the Vienna International Model United Nations. Problems of sustainable energy development were discussed in the Economic and Social Council, where I represented the interests of Malaysia.

Olga Popova

My name is Popova Olga, I was born on the 6th of July in 1995, in Stavropol. In 2013I finished Municipal General Education Institution Lyceum №35 with highest distinction, and was awarded a silver medal for that. Having successfully passed Unified State Exam, in 2013 I entered Asian and African countries Institute Moscow State University of Lomonosov on government-financed basis, economic department with study of Malaysian language.

Nowadays I am a 2nd year student of this Institute and I"m majoring in Southeast Asian countries economy in colonial and current periods. Alongside with the Malaysian language I study two West-European languages - English and Spanish. I graduated from the music school specializing in playing the piano, as well as from the dance school.

During my free time I go in for sports, court tennis in particular. I am the winner of territorial and city competitions and have the 1st lass in this kind of sports. In order to implement projects on education of children and teenagers I worked as a camp counselor in a children"s recreation camp "Solnechny". I was also a participant of the action "Youth against smoking", took an active part in the regional show "Leader of the XXI century", provided voluntary assistance to children without parental care in children"s home №13.

power. He serves as a leader of NGO "Model United Nations of the Russian Far East", which deals with the international relations, development of leadership and intellectual potential of the young generation. His hobby is football. Vitaly is a big fan of PFC CSKA Moscow.

Maria Pyachitc

Maria received her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations at MGIMO University in 2014. She is currently getting a Master’s degree in Regional studies at MGIMO University. Maria is studying English, Thai and Lao languages. She participated in an exchange program with Thammasat University, Bangkok, in 2013. Maria is interested in the modern history of the countries of South-East Asia, especially ethnic and confessional features of the region. Hobbies: working with children, photography.

Mikhail Reyderman

My name is Mikhail Reyderman. I am a student of Regional Studies MA Programme of MGIMO University. There I got the opportunity to study Thai and Laotion languages what determined my interest to South-Eastern Asia. Having got in touch with the region I became a fan of this land with its beautiful nature, rich cultural traditions and, certainly, nice and friendly people.

I was on a study trip in Thailand two years ago. I studied Political Science and International Relations in Tammasat University. I was also impressed with many things I saw in Thailand - the country I want to come back to again and again.

Vitaliy Savenkov

Vitaliy Savenkov is 2nd year MA student at Far Eastern Federal University. His MA program in international relations "Russia in the Asia-Pacific: politics, economics, security" is fully taught in English language. Besides he holds a specialist degree in economics and management. Vitaliy"s main interests include but not limited to international peace and security, global and regional institutionalization, balance of

Nika Shurenkova

Nika is currently studying at the Lyceum № 1575 (Moscow, Russia) in grade 11 and The Crenshaw School in grade 12 (Miami, Florida, USA). She finished 9 grades with honors for "Special Academic Achievements". Nika is interested in playing golf, swimming and learning foreign languages.

"I became interested in ASEAN-Russia Youth Summit because I am planning to study and work in south-eastern countries (especially in Singapore) because I consider them as the most perspective ones in the areas I would like to study, I would like to learn more about Asian culture and help in development of the mutual activity between ASEAN and Russia, especially, in the problems of youth due to the Summit".

Alexandr Talyuk

Alexandr Talyuk, a 4th year student at the School of International Relations, MGIMO University, Russia. Alexander studies the Vietnamese language and South East Asia affairs. He took part in the 1st Youth ASEAN-Russia Summit. He takes a special interest in the history of Russia-Vietnam relations.

Alexander says that he believes that “the Summit meetings and cooperation of Russia’s and South East Asia nations’ youth can efficiently bridge the information gap between two regions”.

Roman Vasilkevitch

Roman was born in Tambov, a small town at a distance of 400 km from Moscow. After finishing school he moved to Moscow and got a bachelor degree in the field of Regional Studies in Moscow State Institute of International Relations. He is to get a master"s degree in the field of Regional studies in two years.

Roman is interested in studying World Politics, Russia-ASEAN relations in general and Russian-Thailand relations in particular.