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Introducing the Youth Summit Participants: Enzo Sim Hong Jun

Introducing the Youth Summit Participants: Enzo Sim Hong Jun


I had received my secondary education in SMJK Chung Hwa Confucian and I had graduated in 2013. I am currently going through pre-university courses in St. Xavier"s Institution in Penangin order to further my studies in the field of history and political science in university later in my life.

It was during my first year of study in secondary school that I started to grow major interest in current affairs especially to those related to politics and international relations.Since then I had started to read books that talk about history and politics. Apart from that, I would spare my time to watch world news and political analysis TV program on some of the highly renowned global news channel such as the BBC, Aljazeera and CNN.

Slowly as time goes by, I had began to constantly participate in public speaking, speech and debating competition within my school and I had eventually been chosen to represent myschool in various English Parliamentary State Level Debating Competitions held in different schools and government institutions in Penang, Malaysia. My best achievement for the competitions that I"ve took part is my award of the Best Speaker Of The Year and Joint Champion for state level debating competition of the year 2013.

I have been strongly attracted by the relations that had began to be forged between ASEANand the Russian Federation. As a matter of fact, it will open wider opportunities for economic cooperation and cultural interaction between the communities of ASEAN and Russia. I am even more delighted when I first heard about the Russia-ASEAN Youth Summitheld in the beautiful Russian capital, Moscow last year. It surprise me even more for knowing that the government officials of ASEAN and Russia are trying to forge closer tiesand promoting better understanding between the two regions by approaching the youths.

As an energetic youth myself, I"ve been consistently involved in community projects andpublic campaigns related to youths such as the YOUTHJAM Project which promotes interaction between the youths in Malaysia and the youths from various ASEAN member states like Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines in my hometown Penang, Malaysia until now. Therefore, it will be my greatest honour and I will be very grateful if I am chosen to beinvolved in such a constructive conference, which is the Russia-ASEAN Youth Summit that isgoing to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this year. I will commit my full effort in promoting better understanding between ASEAN and Russia and find ways to achieve thisultimate goal in this year"s Russia-ASEAN Youth Summit.