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Introducing the Youth Summit participants: Kritzman G. Caballero, the Philippines

Introducing the Youth Summit participants: Kritzman G. Caballero, the Philippines


I am currently working at the Office of the President of the Philippines, Presidential Commission on the Visiting Forces Agreement (PCVFA) where I handle policy research relating to military, defense and international security relations of the Philippines with the United States. Prior to my work in PCVFA, I had worked at the Office of European Affairs, Department of Foreign Affairs.

Aside from these, I am a lecturer at the European Studies Program (ESP) at the Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU), the Philippines since 2012. I have been teaching courses such as Policies and Institutions of the European Union, Asia- Europe Eco-Political and Business Relations, External Relations of the European Union, and Ideological Influences on the Politics of Contemporary Europe and the European Union.

I am part of the Committee exploring on the possibilities of Russian Studies in the AdMU. I’ve been in constant communications with the Russian Federation Embassy regarding this project. With this, I was able to see the importance of Russia-ASEAN relations. The 2nd Russia-ASEAN Youth Summit will likely provide another opportunity to interact and network with personalities specializing in the field. This will help me with my current work at the ESP.

I am also a Professorial Lecturer at the School of International Relations and Diplomacy (SIRD), Philippine Women’s University. In SIRD, I have been teaching courses such as International Political Economy and Contemporary International Issues in the undergraduate program and International Trade and the WTO and Contemporary Issues of International Political Economics in the graduate program.

I obtained my Master of Arts in Political Economy with Specialization in International Relations and Development degree from the Institute of Political Economy, University of Asia and the Pacific, the Philippines.

I am looking forward to the Summit as it will be a venue to exchange ideas and learn about Russia-ASEAN relations and how can the participants help build and or contribute to the robust relations at present.