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International Conference “Russia and ASEAN in the Asia-Pacific Region”

International Conference “Russia and ASEAN in the Asia-Pacific Region”


On September 29 within the framework of the 11th Convention of the Russian International Studies Association (RISA) the ASEAN Centre conducted the international conference “Russia and ASEAN in the Asia-Pacific Region: The Dynamics of Interaction, Regional Processes and Global Context” in MGIMO. This year the conference was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Association.

The participants exchanged their views on a number of issues of recent trends of developments of the ASEAN itself and its Member States.

Dr. Vladimir Kolotov, associate professor of the Saint-Petersburg State University, Dr. Vladimir Mazyrin, Director of the Vietnam-ASEAN Research Centre, Dr. Evgeny Kanaev, associate professor of the High School of Economics, Mr. Dmitry Mihailov, CEO of “Inzhiniringovyye tekhnologii” and Dr. Victor Sumsky, director of the ASEAN Centre in MGIMO made presentations at the plenary session. Speakers outlined certain features of the regional and global context in which the regional integration takes place.

The second session was focused on regional security issues, political and economic cooperation between ASEAN and its dialogue partners (speakers: Dr. Ksenia Efremova, Dr. Anna Kireeva, Dr. Ekaterina Koldunova, Dr. Ilya Dyachkov, Dr. Ekaterina Arapova). Participants of the third and fourth sessions identified new trend in political, economic and social life of Southeast Asian countries.

The conference ended with discussion on the Russian presence in the region and further conceptualization of Russia and ASEAN Partnership.