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ASEAN Kid’s Summit at the All-Russian Children’s Center “Ocean”

ASEAN Kid’s Summit at the All-Russian Children’s Center “Ocean”


August 1st-3rd, under the programme “Children of the World” at the All-Russian Children’s Center “Ocean” in Vladivostok the ASEAN Kids Summit was held. It was prepared and organized by the ASEAN Centre’s members, namely Valeria Vershinina, Analyst, Maria Mamaeva, Senior Expert, and Daria Borisova, Master student at the programmer “Area Studies”.

Children from three ASEAN member-counties – Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam participated in the event. Russian side was presented by children from the educational programme “Young Diplomats” under the Association of Russian Diplomats.

For three days, the ASEAN Centre’s members introduced children with the history of ASEAN, principles of Russian foreign policy and of the Russia-ASEAN strategic partnership. The experts also explained participants what is the negotiation process and how the summit models are held. In order to revise the given information the delegates actively participated in different quizzes.

At the top of the agenda at the ASEAN Kid’s Summit was the Russia-ASEAN cooperation in the fields of education and environment. Following negotiations, two agreements were signed and one of them was adopted by consensus.

The summit concluded with the award ceremony. All participants received certificates for participation in the summit. The team that achieved the highest number of points for three days got special prizes. The most active delegates from Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Russia received commemorative gifts from MGIMO University and ASEAN Centre.

The event was organized in cooperation with the All-Russian Children’s Center “Ocean” and with the Youth Policy Department at MGIMO.

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