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Webinar on Indonesia’s Foreign Policy in Jokowi’s Era

Webinar on Indonesia’s Foreign Policy in Jokowi’s Era


On April 30th, 2020 the ASEAN Centre in cooperation with the Habibie Centre (Indonesia) organized a joint webinar on Indonesia’s foreign policy under the current Indonesian president Joko Widodo (2014-2019).

The keynote speaker was Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim Almuttaqi, the Head of the ASEAN Studies Program at the Habibie Center (Habibie Center was established by the 3rd Indonesian President Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie in 1988). The subsequent discussion was joined by Dr. Victor Sumsky, Director of the ASEAN Centre, Dr. Alexander Popov, senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. MGIMO’s BA and MA students majoring in Indonesian studies also contributed to the webinar. The event was moderated by Dr. Ekaterina Koldunova, Senior Expert of the ASEAN Centre.

In the first part of the presentation Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim Almuttaqi outlined the differences between the Jokowi’s foreign policy and his predecessors. He also highlighted the key domestic factors influencing Indonesia’s foreign policy (for instance, the growing role of the parliament in the sphere of foreign policy). While sharing his view on the subject of Russia-Indonesia relations, Dr. Almuttaqi enumerated the reasons impeding their development.

The presentation received a positive feedback from the audience, especially from the students. During the Q&A session the speaker shared his view on such topics as the relocation of the Indonesian capital, the role of ASEAN in Indonesia’s foreign affairs as well as the prospects of the Russia-Indonesia joint projects. The event participants shared their hope to continue such discussions on the regular basis.