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ASEAN Centre Interns from the Far Eastern Federal University

ASEAN Centre Interns from the Far Eastern Federal University


On November 15-19 two bachelor students from the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), Polina Babenko and Kamila Kukushkina, assisted the ASEAN Centre in its regular activities as the Centre’s interns.

During their internship at the Centre, the interns were actively involved in the organization of several events. Their tasks ranged from the preparation of English translation of the analytical comments written for the ASEAN Centre website in Russian to the preparation of the ASEAN Week: Regional Edition events in Vladivostok, among others. They also had a chance to visit the State Museum of Oriental Art and explore its Southeast Asia collection.

The students kindly provided their feedback on the internship at the ASEAN Centre:

November 2021 gave a unique opportunity: an internship at the ASEAN Centre in MGIMO University (Moscow). During the internship I had a chance to learn more about the Centre´s current activities and make my own contribution to its work. I enriched my knowledge about politics and culture of Southeast Asian countries and mastered my professional skills and qualifications.

Also, I discovered many new and interesting things thanks to the excursion across the main attractions in Moscow, and the visits to the MGIMO Museum and the State Museum of Oriental Art. All that was part of an intense internship program designed for us by the ASEAN Centre staff.

Everything was made in style. During my whole stay in Moscow I spent no day without bright impressions, unforgettable experiences and wonderful discoveries.

In all, I had undeniably valuable experience for both my professional and personal growth. Thank you, ASEAN Centre, for the opportunity and a warm hospitality!

Polina Babenko,
4th year bachelor student, “Fundamental and Applied Linguistics”, FEFU

I am very grateful to the ASEAN Centre for this internship opportunity. As for me, it was a chance to see how the analytical research on international affairs is conducted. I was amazed at the quantity of scientific events the Centre´ staff takes part in. And spending time at MGIMO University, a place every student majoring in International Relations wants to visit, was an additional pleasure for me.

During the internship we had a chance to practice translation of socio-political texts and work with original documents. Moreover, as we helped the Centre with the preparation of ASEAN Week: Regional Edition events in Vladivostok, we got to learn more about the connections Vladivostok has with Southeast Asian countries and Ho Chi Minh in particular.

I appreciate this opportunity particularly for the fact that it was my first trip to Moscow, and I had a chance not only to enjoy the city vibe and its attractions, but also to gain valuable knowledge and experience. Thank you, ASEAN Centre for a warm welcome and an intense program!

Kamila Kukushkina,
4th year bachelor student, “International Relations”, FEFU

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