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UN ECOSOC Youth Forum 2021: The Future of Tourism and the Culture of Peace in ASEAN and Asia-Pacific

UN ECOSOC Youth Forum 2021: The Future of Tourism and the Culture of Peace in ASEAN and Asia-Pacific


On April 6, 2021 an online session on tourism and culture promotion was held on the sidelines of the UN ECOSOC Youth Forum. The topic discussed the best practices and projects in supporting local tourism and promoting cultural ties across Asia-Pacific in the context of COVID-19 pandemic.

The ASEAN Centre was represented at the conference by Dr. Ekaterina Koldunova, Associate Professor of the Department of Asian and African Studies and ASEAN Centre Senior Expert. MGIMO Bachelor and Master degree students specializing in ASEAN Studies Polina Solovieva, Yulia Tomskaya and Alexander Tumaykin also attended the event. Regine Guevara, Representative to the UN Interagency Network on Youth Development at Committee for ASEAN Youth Cooperation, Friends for Leadership moderated the discussion.

In the welcoming remarks addressed to the Forum participants, Dr. Ekaterina Koldunova emphasized the fact that despite the COVID-19 restrictions around the world the tourism sector continues its development taking new, alternative forms. With technological advances and the growing popularity of local tourism, people from different parts of the world experience new places and travelling opportunities. The expert also stressed the role of youth in culture promotion and invited all the participants to build in and foster mutual contacts. Dr. Ekaterina Koldunova concluded the speech by wishing a productive discussion to all the participants.

MGIMO students studying Southeast Asia languages and international relations in Asia made a presentation on the current activities of the Southeast Asia Student’s Club under the MGIMO Youth Scientific Society. Alexander Tumaykin introduced the Club tasks and objectives, while Yulia Tomskaya shared the insights on successful planning and preparation of the Club activities during the pandemic, with December 2020 ASEAN Week in MGIMO being the most remarkable example. Her colleague, Polina Solovieva announced the upcoming events of both Southeast Asia Club and the ASEAN Centre. The students underlined the advantages of modern technologies in conducting the events: they made possible the virtual attendance of the guests from across Russia and Southeast Asian countries.

The event was broadcasted online by Asia Tv. Many representatives of various youth organizations, NGO, student societies and tourist agencies from across Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, China and ASEAN also joined the discussion.

Reports on the event’s outcomes:

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