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Russia-ASEAN Joint Committee Meetings

Russia-ASEAN Joint Committee Meetings


On March 25, 29, Dr. Ekaterina Koldunova, Director of the ASEAN Centre, Associate Professor of the Department of Asian and African Studies, Ms. Ekaterina Tronevskaya, Deputy Director and other members of the ASEAN Centre attended the online meetings of the working bodies of the 19th ASEAN-Russia Joint Cooperation Committee (ARJCC) and 20th ASEAN-Russia Joint Planning and Management Committee (ARJPMC).

The participants of the ARJCC and the ARJPMC meetings were presented with reports on the ASEAN Centre’s activities for the past year as well as the Centre’s working plan for 2022.

H.E. Alexander Ivanov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to ASEAN noted that the ASEAN Centre remains an important part of today’s cooperation between Russia and ASEAN. With the support of the Centre, Russia and ASEAN member states consistently exchange best practices in academic sphere, organize joint events and establish new contacts.

Dr. Ekaterina Koldunova, Director of the ASEAN Centre presented the most significant Centre’s events for 2021, including the Third Meeting of the Network of Russia-ASEAN Think Tanks (NARTT), the Conference "Russia and ASEAN in the Asia-Pacific Region: Dynamics of Cooperation, Regional Processes and Global Context" within the framework of the 13th Russian International Studies Association (RISA) Convention, as well as the conferences dedicated to the 65th anniversary of Russia-Cambodia diplomatic relations and the 45th anniversary of Russia-Philippines diplomatic relations. Dr. Ekaterina Koldunova noted that in 2022 the ASEAN Centre will continue organizing anniversary conferences and events dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Russia-Thailand diplomatic relations and the 55th anniversary of Russia-Malaysia diplomatic relations. According to her, every anniversary deserves attention, and the role of the Centre is to spread knowledge about the ASEAN countries not only among students and academic community, but also among the general public. In 2022 the ASEAN Centre will also pay a special attention to the 55th anniversary of ASEAN and schedule a series of events to commemorate this date.

The Permanent Representative of Cambodia to ASEAN, as a co-chair of the meeting, noted that ASEAN highly appreciates the activities of the Centre and the networks that have been established over the years of its functioning. Permanent representatives of the ASEAN member states that were also present at the meeting positively evaluated the outcomes of the Centre’s performance and approved the documents presented by the ASEAN Centre during the meetings.