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Lecture “Russia-Thai Relations in the Context of Thailand’s Foreign Policy” by Dr. Paradorn Rangsimaporn

Lecture “Russia-Thai Relations in the Context of Thailand’s Foreign Policy” by Dr. Paradorn Rangsimaporn


On December 12, 2022, Dr. Paradorn Rangsimaporn, Minister-Counsellor of the Eastern Europe Division Department of European Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, delivered a lecture on Russia-Thai relations in the context of Thailand’s foreign policy. This year Russia-Thai diplomatic relations celebrate the 125th anniversary. The meeting was moderated by Dr. Ekaterina Koldunova, Director of the ASEAN Centre.

Dr. Paradorn Rangsimaporn is a Thai diplomat, independent researcher, specializing in Russian and post-Soviet studies. He is an author of a number of publications in peer-reviewed academic journals and policy briefs on topics related to Russia. He served as Minister-Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission at the Royal Thai Embassy in Astana, Kazakhstan and holds a DPhil in International Relations from the University of Oxford. Most of his articles are focused on Russian foreign policy towards Asia, as well as on the analyses of the prospects of cooperation between Central Asia and Southeast Asia.

During the lecture Dr. Paradorn Randsimaporn highlighted the key milestones of Russia-Thailand diplomatic relations, current state of these bilateral relations and prospects of their development. The speaker also paid particular attention to Thailand’s role as one of the ASEAN founding member states, as APEC chairman in 2022, as well as to Thailand’s economic development in the post-pandemic period.

In the final part of the lecture, Dr. Paradorn Rangsimaporn answered multiple questions from MGIMO students who attended the event. Among the guests of the event were Dr. Victor Sumsky, Senior Expert of the ASEAN Centre, Ms. Daria Borisova, Lecturer at the Department of Chinese, Vietnamese, Laotian and Thai languages, MGIMO students studying Thai, Chinese and Korean languages.