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ASEAN-Russia Year of Scientific and Technical Cooperation (ARYSTC): Lectures by Skoltech Professors at MGIMO

ASEAN-Russia Year of Scientific and Technical Cooperation (ARYSTC): Lectures by Skoltech Professors at MGIMO


On November 7, 14 and 21, 2022, MGIMO hosted a series of open lectures by leading Skoltech Professors on a wide range of topics from neuroscience to the energy transition. The events were organized within the framework of the ASEAN-Russia Year of Scientific and Technical Cooperation (ARYSTC) by the ASEAN Centre at MGIMO and Skoltech. Dr. Ekaterina Koldunova, ASEAN Centre Director, was a moderator for a series of open lectures.

On November 7, the first lecture on “Using lipids to decipher psychiatric disorders” was held by Professor Philipp Khaitovich, Skoltech Neuro Interim Director. In his lecture he told about psychiatric and mood disorders. He pointed out that despite various research on this issue, the only method currently available for these disorders’ diagnostics is an interview with a trained professional psychiatrist.

On November 14, the second lecture on “The boundless horizons of artificial intelligence in imaging” was delivered by Associate Professor Dmitry Dylov, Head of the Computational Imaging Laboratory. He told the audience that modern imaging leads to combination of the state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms, pre-trained with large datasets, into the fastest image processing chips. Today, a stream of photos is processed and computationally analyzed on the fly to overcome a wide range of camera limitations. The “smart” hardware can recognize the common patterns and traits in the data and improve the performance of AI models. The lecturer presented several examples of applying this paradigm in the domains of photography, medical imaging, and beyond.

On November 21, Prof. Andrei Osiptsov, Skoltech ESG Center Director delivered a lecture "Energy transition and ESG: Opportunities for Russia and ASEAN countries". His lecture was devoted to the topic of energy transition 4.0 as a global means to solve the climate crisis and the peculiarities of the ESG agenda in different regions, and some aspects of key green technologies, which have potential for Russia and ASEAN countries.

In the final part of the lectures the Skoltech professors answered multiple questions from the audience.

The lectures were hosted in online and offline format. Representatives from ASEAN member states working in neuroscience, medicine, energy industry, computer science field, lecturers and students from MGIMO, MGIMO-Med, Higher School of Economics and MSU joined the lectures as audience.