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ASEAN Centre Experts at the International Academic Conference "Ways and Countries: Civilizations of the East in Historical Dynamics"

ASEAN Centre Experts at the International Academic Conference


On November 14, 2022 Experts of the ASEAN Centre Dr. Valeria Vershinina and Dr. Nikita Kuklin took part in the international academic conference "Ways and Countries: Civilizations of the East in the Historical Dynamics", which was organized by the Ural Federal University in Ekaterinburg on November 14-15, 2022.

Within the conference session “Civilizational mosaic of South and Southeast Asia” Expert of the Centre Dr. Nikita Kuklin presented the paper titled "Indonesia's religious organizations as foreign policy actors", where he touched upon the growing global role of religious actors in the Indonesian second track diplomacy.

The Centre’s expert Dr. Valeria Vershinina delivered the presentation titled “The development of the Vietnamese School of International Studies: Approaches to the “middle power” concept”, in which she analyzed in detail the perception of this concept by the Vietnamese scholars, as well as the discussion within the Vietnamese academic community regarding the criteria for defining and positioning Vietnam as a middle power.

The experts’ presentations have sparked a particular interest of the audience, which made it possible to start an academic discussion on some relevant issues mentioned by the speakers.

The main subject of the conference is mobility in time, space and culture within the civilizational background of the Eastern nations in all their historical diversity. At the conference, the participants also discussed the phenomena of spatial mobility, migration and travel; interaction of peoples and cultures, including the framework of various transitional, transitive periods in the history of Asian and African countries from the civilizations of the Ancient East to the modern times.

The conference was also attended by the prominent researches in Asian studies – practicing diplomats, representatives of the clergy and theology researchers, university professors, representatives of the research institutions, students, postgraduate students and young researches.