ASEAN Centre in MGIMO-University the MFA of Russia


Seminar "Digital Transformation in the EAEU and ASEAN"



On March 1, the Eurasian Economic Commission and ASEAN hosted a joint seminar on digital transformation processes. Dr. Ekaterina Koldunova, Director of the ASEAN Centre, attended the seminar.

The seminar’s discussion was focused on several issues related to the current trends of the EAEU and ASEAN digitalization. The Eurasian Economic Commission and the ASEAN Secretariat representatives provided an outlook on the digital agenda of the two integration blocs. The speakers also outlined the EAEU and ASEAN today’s challenges connected to the information security and digital support of economic processes.

The results of the seminar were summarized by Dr. Sergey Glazyev, Minister of Integration and Macroeconomics of the Eurasian Economic Commission.