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ASEAN Centre Welcomes a Delegation of the MFA of Vietnam

ASEAN Centre Welcomes a Delegation of the MFA of Vietnam


On August 29, 2023 a delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam headed by Dr. Le Dinh Tinh, Director General of the Policy Planning Department, paid a visit to the ASEAN Centre. Dr. Ekaterina Koldunova, the Centre’s Director and the Associate Professor at the Department of Asian and African Studies welcomed guests.

At the meeting both sides discussed promising areas for cooperation and current issues of international relations including the future role of ASEAN, ASEAN-Russia strategic partnership and Russian-Vietnamese bilateral relations. Dr. Ekaterina Koldunova informed Vietnamese diplomats about the first group of foreign students (including one representative of Vietnam) who will study at the Master’s Degree Program “Political Economy of Russia-ASEAN Strategic Partnership”. The annual “Vietnam Day” and the Centre’s publications dedicated to the Vietnamese studies were also on the table for discussion.

In September 2021 within the framework of “ASEAN Academic Days”
Dr. Le Dinh Tinh delivered an online-lecture to MGIMO audience devoted to “ASEAN in the Global Spotlight: Geostrategic Opportunities and Challenges”. The lecture’ recording is available on the MGIMO YouTube channel.

Both sides expressed hope for future cooperation in research and inter-university cooperation.

Among the meeting attendees were Mr. Nguyen Duc Tuyen, Desk Officer at the Policy Planning Department, MFA of Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Lam, First Secretary of Embassy of Vietnam in Russia, Dr. Valeria Vershinina, ASEAN Centre’s Deputy Director and experts Dr. Nikita Kuklon, Ms. Kira Tabunova, Ms. Olesya Pokusaeva.