Центр АСЕАН при МГИМО МИД России


Кхан Кхайн: «Такие энергичные ребята, как в Москве, не встречались мне нигде»

Кхан Кхайн: «Такие энергичные ребята, как в Москве, не встречались мне нигде»


В июне 2019 г. Центр АСЕАН совместно с Московским комитетом АСЕАН проводили конкурс видеороликов Россия-АСЕАН. Одним из победителей стал Кхан Кхайн, студент Института информационных технологий Мьянмы.

Согласно условиям конкурса победители награждались поездкой в Москву. Вернувшись из Москвы, где он находился 17–23 февраля, Кхан Кхайн делится своими впечатлениями от поездки.


My Moscow Impressions


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Khant Khine and I am from Myanmar. I was awarded the prize of visiting Moscow for winning the ASEAN-RUSSIA Video Contest 2019, which was held by the ASEAN Centre of MGIMO University. I stayed in Moscow for a period of six days: from 17th to 23rd February, 2020 and I had the opportunity to explore both MGIMO University and the great city of Moscow. I would like to give my impressions during my stay in Moscow and my visit to MGIMO University.

Impressions on the great city of Moscow

The city of Moscow is a beautiful city of lights, culture, literature and history. My first observation of Moscow was its streets. The streets are very clean and you can rarely hear cars honking and people breaking traffic rules. Moreover, I was very impressed by the punctuality of the Moscow Metro as well as the beauty of its stations. Moscow also boasts a massive collection of historical places like the Red Square, the Kremlin and many others where events which had a huge impact on global history, economics and politics have occurred. Museums of art, literature, music and science is something which I am sure all Muscovites would be and should be proud of. Although the people I have encountered in the streets of Moscow may seem a little cold at first glance, when you try to ask them for help, they try to help you even if it meant missing their bus or their train. Lastly, I would like to give my impressions on the youths of Moscow. I have never seen youths who are that energetic, friendly, well-versed in the arts and possessing deep insights into local and global events. I truly believe that Moscow has a bright future ahead with these youths leading it.

Impressions on MGIMO University and the ASEAN Centre

I visited MGIMO University on the 19th of February,2020. From a first glance, I could see that it was a huge university. First, we visited the ASEAN Centre where we met Dr. Victor Sumsky and the rest of the ASEAN Centre members. After the meeting, we visited the library where we were taken to a separate room and learned the history of the establishment of MGIMO University. We were then taken to another room where we were showed a collection of rare books. Then, we toured around the MGIMO Campus and ended our tour. I was very impressed by all the teaching materials and aids prepared for the students as well as the availability of old books which date back thousands of years. Moreover, the campus is very clean and I can see the energy in the students as they pass us in the hallway. I am also impressed by the dedication MGIMO University has to international relations as by the proof of its ASEAN Centre, a center focused on improving and promoting relations between ASEAN and Russia. I am very impressed by their commitment to this goal and the pure interest in ASEAN by the members of this community. I applaud their determination, their motivation and I hope we can keep on improving relations between ASEAN and Russia.

In conclusion, I had a great time in Moscow, in MGIMO University and the ASEAN Centre. I am very impressed by everything I have seen and heard and I hope that bonds between ASEAN nations and Russia will become unbreakable in the future. I would also like to thank all the students who sacrificed their time to show us around Moscow. I really appreciated it and I will never forget the memories we shared.

Once again, thank you Moscow! Thank you MGIMO University! Thank you ASEAN Centre!

Khant Khine