Центр АСЕАН при МГИМО МИД России


Нгуен Ле Минь Тхи: «Москва навсегда осталась в моем сердце!»

Нгуен Ле Минь Тхи: «Москва навсегда осталась в моем сердце!»


В июне 2019 г. Центр АСЕАН совместно с Московским комитетом АСЕАН проводили конкурс видеороликов Россия-АСЕАН. Одним из победителей стала Нгуен Ле Минь Тхи, студентка Технологического института почты и телекоммуникаций г. Хошимина.

Согласно условиям конкурса победители награждались поездкой в Москву. Вернувшись из Москвы, где она находилася 17–23 февраля, Нгуен Ле Минь Тхи делится своими впечатлениями от поездки.


My Moscow Impressions

My trip to Moscow in February 2020 was the most memorable trip that I’ve ever had in my life. It’s the first time that I’ve been in Russia as well as in Europe. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say thank you to ASEAN Russia Committee and ASEAN Centre in MGIMO for creating this meaningful program for youth across ASEAN as well as Russia. It was such an honour to be invited to visit this splendid city!

I adore the way our programme was planned and all the places that I had a chance to visit. I was really excited about the excursion around MGIMO University. First of all, ASEAN Centre is a lovely decorated place with many cultural items from Russia and ASEAN countries. In addition, the large library with a variety of books and the efficient co-learning space are outstanding. I love the way they decorate the rooms with trees and climbing plants, which may help the students relieve stress. Those attractions truly made me desire to experience a day in the life of an MGIMO student.

One more special thing was that we were welcomed warmly at the embassies. A special thanks to Myanmar Embassy and Vietnam Embassy in Moscow for your time and the thoughtful gifts. I’m indeed grateful!

I always want to try local food when I travel to a new place and Russian cuisine is not an exception. The restaurants had a warm family atmosphere. That made me feel like I was living in a Russian home with a Russian grandma who always wanted to fatten me up. I think that I fell in love with Russian traditional cuisine. Stroganoff, pelmeni, vareniki, borsch, salads and kvass were all delicious. My only regret is that I couldn’t finish the food sometimes because one serving was quite big for me!

I was amazed at the greatness of Moscow. The metro system is such complicated for someone who has a poor sense of direction like me. But thanks to all my friends from MGIMO, I was able to travel around completely. The MGIMO students are all cute, friendly and knowledgeable. They spent their time to accompany us and help us understand more about Russian art and culture.

I was so blessed to be welcomed by all those nice people and get to know more about Russia. It truly broadened my horizon and kindle my passion for learning and discovering new cultures. I will never ever forget the warmth of true friendship.

Once again, thanks to ASEAN Centre in MGIMO University for arranging my visit. Furthermore, you did a tremendous job of ensure our safety and comfort. Hopefully in the future, we will have more and more programs that can promote Russia-ASEAN relation among youth. Thank you so much for everything! Definitely I will be back to Russia someday because I’ve already left my heart in Moscow!

Nguyen Le Minh Thi